2.2. Compiling and Installing

It is quite simple. If you have a more-or-less standard installation and libosip2 installed at a standard location, it should be sufficient to do:

make install

This will install siproxd into /usr/local/. If you wish to install it into another location, specify --prefix=<myprefix> when running ./configure. If you have installed libosip2 in an non-standard location use --with-libosip-prefix=<libosipprefix> to tell configure where to find libosip2 (e.g. --with-libosip-prefix=$HOME/lib).

Common features for ./configure:

--enable-static                 build statically linked executable
--with-libosip-prefix=DIR       use libosip2 from DIR/include and DIR/lib
--with-extra-includes=DIR       adds non standard include paths
--with-extra-libs=DIR           adds non standard library paths

Edit /usr/etc/siproxd.conf according to your situation, at least configure if_inbound and if_outbound. They must represent the interface names (e.g. on Linux: ppp0, eth1) for the inbound and outbound interfaces.

Edit /usr/etc/siproxd_passwd.cfg if you enable client authentication.

Start siproxd:

# siproxd